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Zombie Boot Camp Experience for Two

  • Zombie Boot Camp Experience for Two Genie Gadgets
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We talk and talk and talk about it, but as of yet, no one seems to be taking the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse all that seriously. Well that stops here with the Zombie Boot Camp Experience for Two. Conjured up to give you the upper hand when the now unavoidable Apocalypse finally comes along, the Zombie Boot Camp Experience for Two will teach you exactly how to deal with the impending Apocalypse through a specially-created scenario that places you in the middle of a Government Research Facility that has been seized by our walking dead friends. With time at an essence and you being the last hope of survival for many of those stuck inside, your mission is to enter and clear the building, although this will be no easy task with the complex layout and poor lighting. We do want to give you half a fighting chance though so you will be provided with protective equipment, as well as various weapons such as riot shields, batons and simulated grenades. Walk out alive please.  Notes Voucher is valid for ten months and is for two people. Experience is available Saturday and Sunday only. Minimum age is 16. Times available are 10am, 2pm, 3pm or 7pm (arrive 15 minutes before session). Lots of physical contact and exercise involved in experience. You are required to advise the supplier if you suffer from claustrophobia, asthma or are suffering from an existing medical condition or are recovering from an injury. You cannot take part if you are under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you do not respect this rule you will forfeit your voucher. On arrival you will have to sign a safety waiver. All participants must adhere to the supplier’s health and safety policy. You are advised to wear walking socks, lightweight trousers/tracksuit bottoms and a sweat shirt. All dates are subject to availability. Experience is based in Worcestershire.... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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