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Wallet Ninja Tool

  • Wallet Ninja Tool Genie Gadgets
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For those amongst us with sharpened sensors and cat-like reflexes we have just the gadget for you. Introducing the world famous Wallet Ninja Tool. The world’s first 100% flat multi-tool, the Wallet Ninja Tool is stunningly practical and is surely set to make the world a whole more productive place. Designed to ensure that no human must ever walk this earth again without adequate tools, the Wallet Ninja Tool has been flying into wallets across the world ever since some little genius came up with idea on one rainy Japanese day (we presume this is how it happened?). Like its real-life Japanese equivalent, the Wallet Ninja Tool is terrifyingly elusive, with its sleek card design meaning it will be hiding unnoticed in the deepest depths of your wallet just waiting to spring into action. For a full list of 18 tools please see the features tab. Where’s it gone?... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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