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The Great British Tuck Shop Book

  • The Great British Tuck Shop Book Gift Ideas They'll Love
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The Great British Tuck Shop Book - The ultimate book of sweetie nostalgia, with a foreword by sweet aficionado Jonathan Ross. But A Quarter Of doesn`t sell books! (we hear you shout). No, but we had to sell this one. You see, it`s brilliant, and encapsulates all the amazing nostalgia of the sweets (and other things!) of our youth. Open this book and you`re instantly transported to the Great Britain we remember - where the corner shop was filled with Aztec Bars, Pacers, Monster Munch and Kia Ora! We`re really really proud to have been part of it too - the authors came and did a spot of research at the A Quarter Of warehouse and the book features some of our products. So, all in all, totally stunning (and really quite hefty book - it`s a steal at £9.97, down from the RRP of £12.99), and the perfect Christmas present for anyone who loves the sweets of their childhood. - Qty In Order: 1 Book... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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