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Sugar Free Spearmint Chews

  • Sugar Free Spearmint Chews Chewy and Jelly Sweets
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Sugar Free Spearmint Chews - I don`t know about you (well that`s a bit of a fib because the fact that you are reading this suggests that you`re a fan too!) but I`m a complete sucker for a good spearmint chew. I still mourn the demise of Pacers... remember those? Sort of like white Opal Fruits with green stripes running across them (though I`m sure that, at least initially, the green stipes were absent) and a wonderfully smooth, cool minty taste. Well these Spearmint Chews scratch the same itch as Pacers... they are really good. And the other massive compliemnt that I`d pay them is that, from the taste, you`d never guess that they are sugar free. So whether you`re diabetic or you`re watching the calories, they are utterly brilliant... and incredibly moreish! - Qty In Order: 250g (8.8oz)... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

Obchod A Quarter Of... nabízí levný produkt Sugar Free Spearmint Chews, za výhodnou cenu 3 Kč. Zboží je v kategorii Chewy and Jelly Sweets.

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