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Shadowrun Kill Code

  • Shadowrun Kill Code RPG & Fantasy Board Games
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The Matrix is unknowable because it is infinite There is always one more corner behind which things can hide one more hole where secrets can be buried Your job isn’t to know everything about the Matrix—it’s to know more than the people you are hunting Or who are hunting you Kill Code will help give Sixth World hackers the edge they need to stay alive and get ahead From a guide to Matrix basics and operations to more ways to build ace deckers to dozens of new options for technomancers the book can help everyone who tries to make their living on the Matrix providing something to give them an edge when riding the Matrix’s datastreams They’ll also learn about who their opposition might be—and how they might be attacked The Matrix is full of kill codes waiting to be executed Just as with the Sixth World’s many firearms your job is to make sure they’re pointed in the right direction when they go off Kill Code is an advanced Matrix sourcebook for use with Shadowrun Fifth Edition... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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