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Pink Headphone Bobble Hat

  • Pink Headphone Bobble Hat Genie Gadgets
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Finally, a solution the age-old problem of a cold head and tangled headphones as you try and keep yourself entertained while out and about.  Now, thanks to our super cosy Headphone Bobble Hat, you can keep warm and listen to your tunes all at the same time. You probably fall into one of two distinct camps now.  You either choose warmth and style over entertainment – or you choose to be entertained but blooming chilly.  And although scientists have debunked the old wives’ tale stating that we lose the majority of heat from our heads (sorry nan!) there really is nothing worse than being nippy - or being bored on the bus. The good news is that with the Headphone Bobble Hat music and warmth are no longer interchangeable. Plus, its 3.5mm jack fits most smartphones and music players so you’ll be snug as a harmonious bug. ... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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