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Pineapple Glass Jar and Straw

  • Pineapple Glass Jar and Straw Genie Gadgets
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Let’s be honest, there’s nothing particularly exciting about a bog-standard glass drinking vessel – in fact in the realms of boring we think they’d score quite highly. That’s why glass drinking jars seem to be popping up all over the place -  and while they’re fab they’re not 100% exciting. That why we got super excited when the magnificent Pineapple Glass Jar and Straw arrived at Genie HQ. This beauty is cleverly crafted from yellow glass with a green lid and a funky leafy collar that pops on once the jar is filled, there is even a stripy straw included to add to that tropical feel. We’re so excited that we have all our Pineapple Glass Jar and Straws all lined up – we just need to decide on our cocktail and get all Tom Cruise with the shaker!... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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