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Liquorice Kilner Jar

  • Liquorice Kilner Jar Gift Ideas They'll Love
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Liquorice Kilner Jar - Liquorice... you either love it, or you hate it. For those of you who love it, here is a stunning thick glass large kilner jar filled to the brim with a lovely assortment of the black stuff. It`s a big jar and makes such a lovely, traditional gift for someone really special (or for yourself if you`ve had a hard day!). And the best bit? Well, once you`ve gobbled all the delicious liquorice, you can use the jar again and again and again - either with more sweets, coffee, sugar, spices, pasta, lentils, bath salts, screws, marbles, biscuits, ear buds.... I could go on for some time. It`ll look stunning on your kitchen shelf! We choose the liquorice mix to make sure that there is a really good selection of different types in there - and we cram in as much as we possibly can. Officially we say that the sweets weigh about 1kg - but really they may weigh a fair bit more (depending on the selection)! Each large kilner jar measures 21.5cm x 10cm x 10cm (that`s 8.5in x 4.0in x 4.0in) and weighs 1.9kg in total. They`re brilliant! - Qty In Order: 1 jar of approx. 1kg... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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