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Lancelot Suit of Armour

  • Lancelot Suit of Armour Genie Gadgets
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Firmly immerse yourself in legend and seal your place at the historic Round Table thanks to this fully wearable handmade Lancelot Suit of Armour. Ingeniously crafted by skilled tradespeople using polished steel and heavy duty leather the armour is fully articulated and designed to be worn.  And weighing in at a well-constructed 70lbs this really is the holy grail of all costumes and something that will turn heads and add medieval charm whenever it gets an outing. You might be wondering where on earth you’d store your impressive attire when you’re not duelling your adversaries?  Well, the good news is that the Lancelot Suit of Armour will arrive with a wood and steel display stand so all 6'3" of majestic craftsmanship will quickly become a real talking point at home too. Our Lancelot Suit of Armour is a truly remarkable solution to the age old issue of having nothing to wear, you just need to add the sword.... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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