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Immerse Compact Virtual Reality Glasses

  • Immerse Compact Virtual Reality Glasses Genie Gadgets
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You’ve gotta love a bit of virtual reality – being transported to a faraway land packed with ferocious beasts or spending time exploring another universe. But while that’s all fun what about the resulting phenomenon, better known as ‘Goggle Hair’!   Well, worry no more and say hello to the ultra-tiny Immerse Compact Virtual Reality Glasses.  Us hair-minded types have nothing against taking part in some computer created fun but the time it takes to adjust the mane afterwards, thanks to a pair of rather ugly and cumbersome goggles, mean that it’s best avoided. Our Immerse Compact Virtual Reality Glasses solve all of these follicle fears thanks to their pocket sized design. Just clip them onto your smartphone, choose a virtual reality app and you’re taken to explore, safe in the knowledge that no straighteners are required.  ... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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