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Fully Loaded Booze belt

  • Fully Loaded Booze belt Genie Gadgets
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For those that like to go wild in the West (or the North, South or East for that matter), the Fully Loaded Booze Belt is the ultimate when it comes having booze at your fingertips. With room for eight bullet shots and 2 bottle holsters, the Fully Loaded Booze Belt is THE drinking accessory for those that are serious about their drinking and can handle more than one measly drink at a time. Based on the good old days of the Wild West, a place where men could really take their drink without fuss, the Fully Loaded Booze Belt has been designed for those men that want to prove they would have been perfectly at home in the drinking culture of the Wild West. An absolute belter... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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