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Food Truck Champion

  • Food Truck Champion Strategy Board Games
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Food Truck Champion is a game in which each person plays the owner of a new food truck out to make a name for itself You will hire staff cook food and please customers to earn awards and popularity At the end of the day the food truck with the most popularity wins!FTC uses a lead-follow action system that focuses on the different aspects of running a food truck Driver Action gives you access to the market to acquire ingredients to store in your fridge Cashier Action gives you access to an assortment of customer orders ready to be prepared and served up Prep Cook Action allows you to move ingredients in your fridge to the customer orders Executive Chef Action allows you to play ingredients directly from your hand to a customer order Manager Action gives you access to the labor pool to hire additional Drivers Cashiers Cooks and Chefs to make your future actions more effective As owners of the food truck you have a special wild card that you can take into your hand allowing you to act in any capacity when the need arises At the start of the game each food truck has a small fridge a narrow plating area and limited room for staff Each completed order gives you a popularity token worth victory points and it allows you to expand one of the areas of your truck or even expand the card limit in your hand At certain points in the game judges will review the orders you&39;ve completed and allow you to move certain cards into your awards area giving your bonus VP for each set of awards you complete When a certain number of popularity tokens have been claimed the game ends and the food truck with the most victory points is declared the Food Truck Champion!... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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