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Flumps - Big, Squidgy Marshmallow Cables

  • Flumps - Big, Squidgy Marshmallow Cables Chewy and Jelly Sweets
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Popis produktu Flumps - Big, Squidgy Marshmallow Cables z kategorie Chewy and Jelly Sweets

Flumps - Big Marshmallow Cables - there`s nothing quite as satisfying as the squidge that you get in your mouth when you bite into the chewy twisty marshmallow cablesthey call Flumps (remember the Flumps off the telly?). And now, with only natural colours and flavours... and being fat free too... Flumps must be good for you as well... mustn`t they? That`s what I tell myself anyway! I know that they are incredibly moreish... and because they are long (approx 12cm) there`s plenty to enjoy! - Qty In Order: 10 cables... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

Obchod A Quarter Of... nabízí levný produkt Flumps - Big, Squidgy Marshmallow Cables, za výhodnou cenu 2 Kč. Zboží je v kategorii Chewy and Jelly Sweets.

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