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Exit: The Secret Lab Board Game

  • Exit: The Secret Lab Board Game Strategy Board Games
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Popis produktu Exit: The Secret Lab Board Game z kategorie Strategy Board Games

As volunteers for a medical research study you report to a lab as instructed But no one is there except for you! Vapor rises from a test tube and you start feeling dizzy When you wake up again the door is locked and you discover a notebook and a strange disk…The hit Escape-Room concept for home use! In this party game for up to 6 players you must solve a series of riddles and puzzles to escape from the secret lab Each correct solution brings you to another riddle How fast can you escape?1-6 playersAges 121-2 hour play time... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

Obchod shop4world.com nabízí levný produkt Exit: The Secret Lab Board Game, za výhodnou cenu 13 Kč. Zboží je v kategorii Strategy Board Games.

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