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Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Cable Extension Kit - Red

  • Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Cable Extension Kit - Red Power Cables
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Popis produktu Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Cable Extension Kit - Red z kategorie Power Cables

Sleeved cables are not only for modding experts at least that&39;s no longer the case today It used to be that only hardcore enthusiasts would take on the time-intensive and risky challenge of manually re-sleeving the thin and thick cables in their PC - occasionally elevating their handiwork to an art form Thanks to BitFenix and their Alchemy 20 cable extension kits even those enthusiasts that are less inclined towards crafting and modding PCs can now enjoy perfectly sleeved extensions thereby allowing their systems and the provided power supply cables to be extended while also taking them to the next level in terms of aesthetics BITFENIX ALCHEMY 20 EXTENSION KITFour cable extension kitPremium sleeving material in red1x 24-Pin 1x 4 4-Pin 2x 6 2-PinCompletely opaque and extremely flexibleIncludes five 24-slot cable combsIMPRESSIVE SLEEVE EXTENSION CABLES FOR YOUR PCEvery single wire of the BitFenix Alchemy 20 extension cables is coated in its own sleeve this looks fantastic and gives the whole cable the greatest possible degree of flexibility Troublesome cables that just don&39;t want to go where they&39;re supposed to? That&39;s all water under the bridge now!BitFenix is using a specially developed textile fabric for the sleeving one that suffices to meet the demands of experienced modders due to it being softer and more flexible than nylon wrapping but that is also incredibly tightly woven and for this reason remains completely opaque The crafting of BitFenix&39;s cable sleeves is impeccable and this is immediately apparent from an aesthetic and tactile viewpoint from the first time you lay hands on them Furthermore a massive plus when compared to some competitors is the fact that BitFenix steadfastly refuses to use heatshrink for the spaces between the wires and the connectors The coloured textile sleeving fits snugly into the black connectors meaning that no bothersome heatshrink gets in the way of achieving that perfect look The cable kit on offer here consists of a set of four red extension cables that allow you to extend your current cables The bundle contains a 24-pin a 4 4-pin- and two 6 2-pin extensions to give your cables that uniform and ultra premium look For the best possible look and cable routing five 24-slot cable combs come included in the bundle NotePlease be aware that the cable set offered here is to be used exclusively for the extension of their respective connectors Picture 6 shows several of the available colour variants strictly for demonstration purposes in this specific instance only the cables designated in the technical details below are being offered... Zobrazit celý popis produktu >>>

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